Municipal Bio-Waste Management

Bio-waste is a headache faced by every city in the world. We can provide our service in the model of EPC, DBOT, BOT or PPP.

The problem is particularly acute in Hong Kong, where 3,600 tons are produced every day, most of which is dumped into landfills, causing serious environmental pollution. At present, the Hong Kong Government is using anaerobic digestion to deal with food waste. The first phase of the Organic Resource Recovery Centre at O.Park 1 (ORRC1) is a $1.5 billion project with a digestion capacity of handling 200 tonnes food waste per day. Given the amount of food waste produced in Hong Kong, it is too slow and too less!

In dealing with organic waste, we rear BSF larvae (BSFL) in an industrial scale, fully automated, totally enclosed system. BSFL are able to digest large amount of organic waste, including livestock waste and food waste, in a very short period of time. This provides the government with a new technology option, apart from anaerobic digestion.

Food Industrial Bio-Waste Management