9stacks poker Bug Bros Biotech Ltd.(BBB), incorporated in Hong Kong, specializes in environmental biological research and intelligent automatic systems. We provides solutions for organic waste treatment produced by livestock trade or municipality.

real online pokies Our mission is to build a green circular economy, lower the cost of food industry, keep happier baby fish in the oceans, and ultimately healthier mother planet.


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sites rencontres lesbiennes Casselberry In one year, a single acre of black soldier fly larvae can produce more protein than 3,000 acres of cattle or 130 acres of soybeans. Such yields, combined with the need to find cheap, reliable protein for a global population projected to jump 30 per cent, to 9.8 billion, by 2050 which is important to supply enough protein for the human as there are already millions of people starving now.

Source from FAO


betway blackjack reddit About one-quarter of the harvest from marine fisheries is turned into food for farmed animals, including fish, pigs and poultry. More than 90 per cent of those fisheries are either fully exploited or over­fished, meaning that as the world’s population grows, there will be more demand for alternative protein sources.

A black soldier fly larva can, on its 14-day journey from hatchling to pupa, grow nearly an inch long and increase its weight by a factor of 10,000. That’s akin to an eight-pound baby swelling to the size of a 40-tonne humpback whale. 


A 2011 UN report detailed how rotting food emits millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, accounting for about 7 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. But when maggots consume food waste, they take all that carbon with them.